Friday, March 2, 2012

Who Knew?

Who knew that a Chipotle commercial could make you tear up? I've always loved how Chipotle has made it a priority to support farmers who are doing it right and make it possible for us to choose hormone free, sustainably raised meat for a meal on the run. Its one of the only faster food options that's on the approved list in the Keesey house.

Quick sidenote to this Chipotle love-fest: you still want to be careful about how much sodium, fat and calories you're getting. My advice is to skip the tortilla (its fried & has 360 calories), the chips (600 calories), the sour cream and cheese. Another option from my intern, Pamela, is to get the small taco, then load it up with veggies and pico de gallo. Affordable and healthy. Brilliant.

So go forth & enjoy Chipotle. Thank you Jedidiah Jenkins for sharing this video with me. xo.


  1. Also the brown rice has one less table spoon of salt in it compared to the white rice (for each pan the white has 2tbsp and the brown has 1tbsp). That is a good way to go too if you still want rice.

  2. so helpful to have a faster food option with decent meat! thanks Tiff!

  3. I too loved this commercial when I first saw it...I couldn't believe it was Chipotle when it got to the end!

  4. Great advice on skipping the tortilla! My Chipotle go-to has been:
    the veggie burrito bowl -- start with lettuce to fill at least half of the bowl -- add some brown rice, a little beans, corn, and lots of pico. Filling and full of flavor!