Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Favorites

Happy Leap Day, friends! Since its the end of the month, I wanted to introduce a new feature: monthly Favorites, inspired by Kristin's Favorite Things over at Kristin Eats. These are either things I own & love, or that are on the very top of my wishlist. This month it's half and half.  My February Favorites are:

1. Monthly Produce Calendar
I saw this on Pinterest and immediately hunted it down. It's beautifully designed and displays what produce is in season each month, both for planting and for buying, so you know how to eat more seasonably. You can buy it for your geographical region & use it year after year. LOVE. Buy here.


2. The illustrated version of Michael Pollan's Food Rules
A must-have for any home. Michael Pollan gives practical "rules" for eating and how to distinguish real food from what he calls food-like substances (aka processed foods). I have the original unillustrated version, but this one is on my wish list because it is simply adorable. The description says that this book "makes sensible eating fun." Too true. Buy here.

3. Chalkboard Tablet
I bought this along with the produce calendar & its such a fun addition to my kitchen. I use it to write out recipes, nightly menus, grocery lists, or just remind my hubby that we have a date night.  Buy here.

floral jeans

4. Floral Pants (Paige Denim on the left, Anthropologie on the right)
I'm currently lusting over floral pants. It's one of the biggest trends for Spring, plus if you are stuck inside an office all day, why not have cheery jeans remind you of the beautiful world outside? These pairs are a bit out of my price range, but you can find some similar Forever 21 pairs here and here.

Have you discovered any new favorites this month?


  1. Love this, Tiff! The chalkboard is too cute...I'll have to buy. But OMG, my thighs would NOT look goof in a floral print! ;) Keep up the great work!!!

  2. I love the produce calendar and illustrated Food Rules. Adding it to my mental wish list!

  3. Love the tablets! What a great idea. That would be so fun for a dinner party.

  4. Love all of this stuff! Thanks for including the links to buy them! I don't have Food Rules yet- been on my wishlist for a while- and I'm so glad to know about the illustrated one! What a perfect coffee table book. 

  5. Love those floral jeans!!