Friday, February 24, 2012

On Lent & Pizza

This year for Lent, I've decided to give up pizza, inspired by the fact that I ate an entire Trader Joes pizza on Wednesday night. It's shameful, I know, especially since Wednesday was the first day of Lent. The frozen TJ's cheese pizza is one of the only pre-packaged foods I buy, and it really is my kryptonite. Once I start, I can't stop, especially on a stressful week like this one. So I'm giving it up. Here's to Lent, self control, and Easter coming quickly.


  1. Well exactly how big IS the pizza Tiff? Because if it's personal sized then you have nothing to be ashamed of. I've taken down an entire Karl Strauss pizza myself too...otherwise, if it's big, then I really am proud of you :)

  2. Haha. Kaitlin, you should be proud. Its a full size pizza, just with a very thin crust. :)