Friday, March 30, 2012

Detox Salad

I'm so glad its Friday! I mentioned a few weeks ago that things have been crazy busy, but I'm finally starting to get back on track with making cooking, eating well, and working out a priority again. There have also been a couple conversations around the office about detoxing after this busy season, which inspired me to share this quick and easy salad. A week-long cleanse feels overwhelming right now, but a salad, I can do. If you need to detox after a long week or an indulgent weekend, try this out!

All the ingredients.

Use food processor w/ mandolin attachment to thinly slice ingredients.

Final product.

Detox Salad:
(From iGreen Nutrition)
1 apple
2 carrots
2 celery stalks
1 medium beet
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 lemon wedge

Grate all the ingredients using a food processor or mandolin. 
Mix together with the lemon juice.

Health Benefits:
(Also from iGreen Nutrition)
Apple- contains malic and tartaric acids which inhibit the growth of ferments and disease-producing bacteria in the digestive tract. Contains pectin which removes cholesterol, toxic metals such as lead and mercury and residues of radiation. Cleansing for the liver and beneficial for the gallbladder.
Carrot- Improves liver functions and stimulates the elimination of wastes. It also eliminates putrefactive bacteria in the intestines that cause poor assimilation.
Celery- Calms an aggravated liver, improves digestion, purifies the blood, and clears digestive fermentation. Combining celery with lemon has been used in the past as a remedy for colds and headaches.
Beet- Purifies the blood, aids the liver, moistens the intestines, and helps stop constipation.
Lemon- Destroys putrefactive bacteria in both the intestines and mouth, encourages bile in the liver, and cleanses the blood.
Enjoy! xo.


  1. I want to try this, but do you cook the beets or just cut it raw?

  2. From the recipe, its not clear. I tried them raw (but blanched them first so I could peel them), but when I make it again, I'm going to cook them first! That's what I'd recommend.