Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Go Buy Now: We The Eaters

My friend Ellen Gustafson released her first book last week, and it’s guaranteed to be a good one. Ellen is a sustainable food activist, food policy expert, social entrepreneur, and all around badass. I met Ellen a few years ago at a TEDx event, where she was giving one of her four TED talks, and she quickly became one of my inspirations.

In “We the Eaters,” Ellen lays out her manifesto - that by changing our dinner plates, we can change the broken food system, and really change the world. She explains:

"We the Eaters" weaves together the global stories of hunger and food insecurity that I saw so often in my work with FEED with the state of our domestic food system that leaves too many Americans unhealthy and overweight. There are concrete ideas about how every Eater, aka each of us, can make changes on our plates to improve the systems that bring us all food everyday.

I love concrete. I can't wait for my copy to arrive. Go buy yours here.

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