Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Currently Obsessed With: Soba Noodles

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Friends, let me introduce you to my newest obsession: soba noodles. I'm seeing them pop up all over my favorite blogs, and I'm wondering if soba is the next quinoa or brussels sprouts. These little guys are from Japan and are made from buckwheat flour so they're gluten-free, low-cal, high in protein. Soba also contains all eight essential amino acids, cancer-fighting antioxidants and heart-healthy nutrients. 

Pair them with some veggies and you've got a full on party. 

I made the ginger scallion bowl this week, and I can't wait to try all these other recipes. Do you have any go-to soba dishes? Do share. xo.

More recipes here, here, and here.

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