Friday, June 13, 2014

Chalkboard Mag Feature

Excuse me while I freak out a little bit. My favorite online source for everything health + wellness, Chalkboard Mag, asked me to write about how I set up a wellness program at Invisible Children, and how I personally found work-life balance in a high-pressure, cause-driven environment. I happily said yes, dove in and wrote way too much (don't worry, we edited it down). And today, I am beyond excited to share my eight year journey of navigating sacrifice and self-care with you all.

I'd love for you to check out the article here and join in the conversation. I certainly don't have all the answers and my understanding of balance is ever evolving. I'd love to know how you prioritize wellness and self care amidst career, family, and crazy schedules. Do you have a mantra or a ritual? What brings you back to center? And, do you love Chalkboard as much as I do??

Also, shout out to the lovely Sophia Bush for guest editing at Chalkboard this month. Don't miss her poignant + personal letter about true beauty here.

yoga photo cred: Lauranne Boyd


  1. I love this!!!! I didn't know you had started all those conversations at IC about wellness -- so cool.

  2. Work-life balance is so important but such a challenge. I wish I had read this years ago! -Alexandra

  3. Tiffany, congrats getting to publish your words of wisdom on balance in Chalkboard Mag! It looks like a wonderful site with important life information. Just signed up for their newsletter.

    I love the part in your piece on taking stock of how you're doing, bringing awareness and making adjustments appropriately. It's important to constantly be reflecting and revising so that we are on track with living our best life.

    - Pamela

  4. Well said Tiffany. It is so much easier to strive for balance if you have support. For example my husband knows my favorite Wednesday night yoga class and going running keep me going through the week and I know mountain biking and playing basketball are his outlets. Knowing what you personally need then pursing that are really important. Love your blog. Alana