Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bali Packing List

Husband & I are currently exploring Thailand and we're off to Bali tomorrow for some serious R&R. I've always been fascinated with Bali, and I can't wait to visit. My parents vacationed there when I was 11 months old and its actually a pretty incredible story. They were 30-something somewhat-newlyweds, living in Colorado with a house and a new baby (#yourstruly) and great jobs and all the skiing they could ever want, but they had a strong desire to live in and travel around South East Asia. My dad put in for a transfer, they sold their house, and moved to Malaysia... with a baby. I've always admired them for it, but now I'm approaching my 30s, I'm beginning to understand their  adventurous spirit and courage in choosing life experiences over comfort and security. Its a piece of my family history that I treasure, and I like to think its where my love for travel was born.

I've always wished I could remember living in Malaysia and traveling to Bali with them. While this trip is nothing like moving my entire life, I'm still beyond excited to go and make new memories. And of course, blog the heck out of it to share with all of you.

With that, these are my packing essentials for Bali (and really, any summer trip):

  • Tiny, Beautiful Things: A collection of advice columns from the online columnist Dear Sugar. My dear friend Lindsay recommended this book to me & I'm devouring it. Its beautiful, honest, heartfelt and inspiring.
  • Life's Operating Manual: Tom Shadyac's book, structured as a dialogue between Truth and Fear, is so packed with wisdom that I'm reading it again. Its an incredible conversation starter and I'm looking forward to discussing it with husband over long dinners in Bali's jungles & beaches.
  • Farm City: My thoughtful friend Amy gave me this book about a year ago. I'm a little ashamed its taken me this long to start it, but I can't wait to not be able to put it down.
  • My nifty fifty lens to try to capture some of the best moments, a head lamp packed by husband for night adventuring, and of course, our tickets.
  • Sunscreen & a floppy straw hat: to practice safe sun exposure, because I plan on getting a lot of sun.
  • Warby sunglasses: I'll defer my love for Warby to another time, but check them out. They're stylish and cost effective.
  • My most lightweight lululemon yoga pants (similar): I can't wait to wear these while doing my sun salutations at The Yoga Barn.
  • Cute tote: that's easy to pack, great for day trips, and has a sweet message (hold on to something good & don't let go).
And of course I had to do a tiny bit of shopping before the trip. My best finds were:
  • A new JCrew suit: in this adorable floral pattern. I die.
  • These perfect summer sandals: from Hallelu.

What are you planning for your summer adventures, and what's on your must-pack list?

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