Friday, April 27, 2012

My Bliss

Photo Source: my amazing friend, Lauren Owen.

I am so excited to follow some bliss this weekend, all the way in Kentucky. My husband & I are visiting the Bourbon trail with some dear friends. I'm so excited for time with husband & friends, the rolling green hills, bluegrass hospitality, and the chocolate bourbon balls that I hear are everywhere. mmm.

Then in two weeks I'm chasing down even more bliss, by going to see Newsies and Evita in NYC. I have a life-long love of the movie Newsies (case in point, the incriminating photo below), so seeing it on Broadway is the ultimate dream.

My college roommie Lindsay & I being awesome in our newsies hats.
I can't wait to eat & drink my way through both. Does anyone have restaurant recommendations for Lexington or NYC? Please share! xo.


  1. For NYC, I'd recommend:
    Num Pang Sandwich Shop
    Ippudo NY or Totto Ramen (it's real ramen, super tasty!)
    Shake Shack

    and this one is a grocery store, but it's has food too: Dean & Deluca!

  2. Thanks, Thu! Shake Shack is definitely on the list, and I'll look for the other ones!

  3. Tiffany, you have to try Spice Market. It's perfect gem in the Meat Packing District. Amazing food, amazing drinks, and an ambiance that reminds me of Paris' Buddha Bar.

  4. Tiff - Pisticci was my favorite when I was in NYC for the Rescue. Never mind that it boasts being the first restaurant in NYC to go green. :-) But Andrea used to work there, and Matt still does. Dreamy Italian, small and homey, in Harlem. And it won't break the bank. Great bar too.