Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Post: A Lush Life

Friends, meet the lovely Lauranne. Lauranne helped design most of this blog, and she has been talking about LUSH for weeks, so I'm thrilled for her to share her knowledge with all of you! Enjoy, Tiff 

I’ve got to share with you that I’ve become a LUSH. Not in the way you might assume, either.

A few months ago, I’d been itching to find a more natural haircare routine. After many conversations with friends about the excessive sulfates and unfriendly ingredients found in most all of our brand-name shampoos and conditioners, I knew I wanted to be living more naturally and giving my hair some more love.

A friend and co-worker introduced me to LUSH, a fresh and handmade cosmetic company creating skin and haircare products from organic fruit and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics – with a personality. I was intrigued and excited by the vision and the story behind the LUSH brand. Everything created is made by hand in small batches with little preservatives by fun, happy, like-minded people. LUSH sources all of their ingredients ethically, with no animal cruelty, traveling worldwide to meet the faces behind their ingredients to ensure fair working conditions and sustainability – entrepreneurs in Ghana, Morocco, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, Vancouver, and the Colorado Rockies.

Regardless of where you are, experiment with what works best for your hair and find the brands that align with the values most important to you! Sometimes we can get in a tizzy with the plethora of choices at our fingertips but LUSH reminds us that it can and should be fun. Remembering that our skin is our largest organ and gradually transitioning to a more natural haircare routine has allowed my skin and hair to drink in better, fresher ingredients each week and given me confidence in the sourcing of what I’m purchasing. Knowing that the individuals behind my purchase are being taken care of and respected is important to me and that not only brings excitement back to a hair and skincare routine but aligns with my values.

If you’re looking to try products from LUSH, I'm currently loving: Godiva Solid Shampoo, BIG Shampoo, American Cream Conditioner, Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Ocean Salt scrub, Celestial Moisterizer, and the Aqua Mirabilis exfoliating bar.

P.S. Fun fact: if you're planning on purchasing a few items, check out their UK store. With the currency conversion, it can be cheaper (including shipping!) and will take a just a week or two!


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  1. So glad you did a post on Lush! I'm such a Lushie (: